James Best, Chief People & Strategic Officer,
DDB Worldwide

"It was because Neil already knew Paul and came with his recommendation that I agreed to see him. One-off consultants tend to operate without an ideology and those who work for consultancy firms tend to be soul-less.
tcp has a framework and an ideology - it is based on the need to align people behind a vision or objective.
The brief, given Neil's experience of changing the behaviour of a big agency's management, was to move us faster and to more effect than if we hadn't met him.
He's taken us quite a long way and helped us produce tangible output.
Working with Neil is provocative and intimate.
His style is quiet in manner, non-confrontational, not brash but persistent.

He's good at taking the specific and showing how it's part of the bigger picture.
He also understands our idiosyncrasies."

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James Best, Chief People & Strategic Officer,
DDB Worldwide

"tcp have been given the opportunity to show us what we could do and should do and how to get a route map underway. They have raised the game and the level at which the DDBU team believes it can play.
We've been on an exploration - a voyage of discovery.
I've now got the ammunition and the confidence to push a bit harder and to change my mindset as to how things could be.
The value for money has been fine and I would have no problem justifying it, if called upon.
tcp's challenge is to roll out into more areas of the company and I wouldn't have any hesitation in them working in any of our DDB markets or with Neil placing one of his associates in there."

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