6 steps to changing the
behaviour of your people
and your company

  1. define your goals
  2. align your people
  3. overcome barriers
  4. disseminate
  5. establish staging-points
  6. drive expectations and achievement


There are six stages that constitute our Pathway:

Identifying who a company is, where it is from and where it seeks to go. Clarifying the vision, strategy or business idea that will define the company's future and which will act as the beacon for how it must behave

Ensuring, before setting out on the journey of enhancing the company's performance, that the objectives, goals
%26 roles of all members of the management team are
aligned and united behind the vision set out by the CEO

Putting the plans and individual accountability in place
to remove the obstacles (whether they be structural, systems, competency, skill, political, resource, talent, reward, communications or cultural) that have the ability to halt or derail progress.

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Ensuring that the next level of operational management
are vested in the process by repeating the previous
two stages of the 'Pathway' with them in the context
of the vision. Together with the management team,
taking the first strategic, measurable and retraceable
steps of operational change

Establishing the 'base camps' that will make the
journey less daunting for those who follow by capturing
and sharing the knowledge, experience, skills and
consistent behaviours, upon which progress was built

Driving operational behaviour and success expectations forward to a point where non-predictive levels of performance, productivity and success - inspired
by and aligned with the vision - become the norm.

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Following our Pathway and its principles is proven in
creating - within a far faster time frame than is the norm - a flexible, inter-dependent and highly motivated
management group whose behaviour becomes the
model for the rest of the organisation.
Whilst describing the end result as a new steady state,
it is an environment in which ideas and creativity,
thriving and self-determining communities and high
productivity are enshrined.
In short, in seeking to change how a company is, not
who it is, our Pathway creates a commercial environment where the liberation of your human capital and the realisation of your vision are assured.

The Pathway works as a whole but is undertaken step
by step. This allows our clients to evaluate their progress and decide whether to move forward to the next step.
This aids both accountability and budget planning.
Each stage of the Pathway should take no longer than
two months to complete.

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