we don't hand you a report
we help you build a pathway


others add confusion
we remove doubt

Management and change management consultants add
process to your company. Strategic, innovation and
marketing consultants add hypothesis. They compile
them in a report. We build a pathway for your people.
The pathway leads them from the present static
state to future dynamic one, guided by your vision
for your company.

Because they will believe in what they're doing, it leaves
them free to make their own decisions and find the best
way of doing it. It liberates, in fact, their human potential
to add productivity, growth and profit to your company.

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If Dialogue and Interrogation are the components
that define the core of our practice, then our Pathway
defines the core of our methodology and of our
client's experience.
Our Pathway, which closes the gap between vision
and behaviour, is akin to a journey, taking individuals
from their current steady state to a new dynamic
state, without stopping or disrupting the flow of
essential work along the way.

We guide you and your key people at general and
operational management levels throughout the journey,
ensuring that all arrive at a new standard of
vision-focussed performance that is enduring,
illustrative and productive.

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An essential element of our approach is enabling
individuals to make their own decisions along the way,
learning the value of identifying and managing the
consequences as they go.
They will never be told how to behave by tcp.
Rather, they will be aided in reaching decisions
so that they quickly achieve a high level of self-
determination and personal responsibility that
can then be replicated throughout the organisation.

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