"what do we stand for?"
"what do we say?"
"what do we do?"

Customer & Market Knowledge is a division of P&G which operates in Toronto, Cincinnati, London, Geneva, Brussels, Singapore and Kobe.
Their goal was to add value to their main customers.
Our task was to help them meet the goal.

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Procter & Gamble was established in Cincinnati in 1837 and now markets over 300 famous products from Pampers to Tide to Head & Shoulders in 140 countries and to more than five million customers. More than 98,000 people work for P&G worldwide.
Within P&G, our client was the Customer & Market Knowledge division (CMK), which operates out of six global hubs - Toronto; Cincinnati; London; Geneva; Brussels; Singapore and Kobe.

The Key Task
The key task was to help CMK develop an 'equity' plan that defined how it could add value to its main customers within P&G, namely the global Marketing and Brand Management divisions.
Specifically, they needed to find a new offer, methodology and language that would galvanise their own people, capture their customers' imagination and provide a pathway for them to follow.

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In short, our role was to help both CMK and their customers change their behaviour in such a way that
it was accountable and sustainable, over time.

In addition to the main CMK brief, a project was also undertaken to help the 'Integrated Communications' group within CMK redefine their role and value in such a way that the impact was recognised by their customers and sustainable over time.
This project was part of a broader 'learning' event run on behalf of Brand Management groups from across P&G's North American market.

The Main Players
In this case the main player throughout has been Pam Baillie, who is based at the CMK hub in Toronto, Canada. Pam has been the Project Leader on both 'key tasks' and has been the primary client interface. Pam's role and expertise brings her into contact with directors and managers worldwide however, her main geographical area of responsibility is North America.

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