we don't impose a system
we enable an outcome


our proposition is
strictly commercial

We help you to align your company's
behaviour with your vision and goals.
With the single purpose of increasing
your productivity, growth and profits.
We help ensure that its new alignment and
behaviour are self-sustaining. To sustain your
productivity, growth and profits in the future

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tcp works with the human infrastructure of an
organisation to enable it to transform its output.
Our core competence lies in achieving alignment
between the key people of the organisation and
its vision, goals and objectives.
Our methodology closes the gap between vision and
behaviour that so often frustrates a CEO's ambition
for their business.

It overcomes the natural, sophisticated, persistent and subtle resistance that typically undermines substantive change and the progress it demands.
As such, we help to liberate the human capital of the
organisation, generating sustainable and measurable
improvements in its productivity, performance and growth.

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Our point of difference lies in three key areas:

First, we work in tune with the organisation, drawing
on its defining business idea, its inherent culture and
its competitive reason for being.
We never impose the processes or hypotheses so
favoured by our competitors that seek to change you
to their 'one size fits all' model, method or way.
Rather than increasing confusion we remove doubt,
thereby accelerating increases in productivity.

Second, we uncover and help bring to work the whole
person, not merely the 'executive' defined and confined
by their role, title or status.
Whilst challenging in many ways, this approach ultimately
acts as an inspirational trigger for all involved and
dramatically expands the value of the individual to the
organisation and vice versa.

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Underpinning this approach is the discipline of
placing the responsibility for identifying and managing
the consequences of change with the individual.

And our third point of difference lies in never losing
sight of the commercial objectives of the organisation
and of the environment in which it operates.
Our clients appreciate that our approach has
nothing to do with benevolence and everything
to do with performance.

And inextricably linked to performance is accountability.
Mutual accountability is the bedrock of the relationships
we forge with our clients, as it places tcp's contribution
under the same scrutiny that is asked of the client and of
the individual leaders and managers with whom we work.

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