we don't have case-studies
we have stories


adventures, quests, journeys,
true stories of travel and achievement

These are the stories of people, companies and their work with us. Told in their words, not ours.
Like most good stories, each is inspired by a vision, begins with a task and takes you on a journey.

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Our client's stories carry the spirit as well as the facts of our relationships.
They have been written, as all stories must, to enable the reader to enter into the story, discover meaning, find a sense of identity and simplify complex information. Equally, they attempt to involve the reader in the drama of businesses attempting to embrace sustainable change, often in the face of fierce resistance.

True to our beliefs, they do not force a point of view. Rather, they are designed to leave the reader to make up his or her own mind. The 'story' itself is preceded in each case by a short introduction, laying out the Client, the Key Task and the Main Players. A section that lays out the Tangible Outcomes then follows the 'story'.

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The Tangible Outcomes provide more conventional 'cause and effect' details so that the commercial impact of each case may be understood and interrogated.
However, given the richness that each clients 'story' provides, we believe that this is where potential clients will gain the most insight into the value that
tcp provides.

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